ThriveU Skill Building and Coaching Program


ThriveU is a unique professional development program for all supervisors in Administration & Finance. This program taps into your existing knowledge and grows the skills and strategies needed to be a best-in-class supervisor.

Every supervisor, as well as many front-line staff, contributed to the development of ThriveU – it is a “by Maryland” and “for Maryland” program.  ThriveU provides practical, hands-on, workplace based resources to help you be an even more effective supervisor at the University of Maryland.

ThriveU principles:

  1. Lead with Strengths: We lead from our strengths and develop the strengths of those we manage. We value an environment of trust and openness.

  2. Communicate with Clarity: We engage in ongoing, regular, two-way feedback conversations, and appreciation and recognition are embedded in our work.

  3. Build Thriving Environments: Our actions model inclusion and our people know they matter. Mentoring and coaching empowers our teams to succeed.

ThriveU Online Sessions

ThriveU includes 8 sessions that will take place using the Zoom platform. Here is how ThriveU Online will look:

  • Each session will be two hours and will take a short break in the middle.
  • We will begin each session at 8:30am on Thursday mornings.
  • We will be meeting via Zoom and using video, audio and Zoom tools to communicate with each other.
  • We will be using our ThriveU binders. If you are able, please have them available during our sessions.
  • We will be sending a Zoom link and handouts by email the say before each session.
  • We will maintain key ThriveU elements including:
    • Highly interactive and discussion-rich sessions
    • Breakout groups
    • Individual thinking and writing
    • Applying what we learn to your work
    • Homework

To participate in ThriveU online, you will need access to a tablet, laptop or desktop computer that has audio and video capabilities. If you do not have acess to a device with these capabilities, please email and we will arrange one for you.

We encourage your to register for all of your incomplete sessions ASAP. Please note that not all sessions are offered multiple times - some sessions are only offered once.

General enrollment sessions are offered at not cost to Administration & Finance supervisors.

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