What is ThriveU?

ThriveU is a professional development program built for all supervisors in Administration & Finance at the University of Maryland. Every supervisor, as well as many front-line staff, contributed to the development of ThriveU – it is a “by Maryland” and “for Maryland” program.  It provides practical, hands-on, workplace-based resources to help you be an even more effective supervisor at UMD.

What's the time commitment of ThriveU?

ThriveU comprises 8 sessions that are 2 hours each in our virtual format for a total of 16 contact hours. There is additional reading and actions and commitments to take in between each session and at the end of all 8 sessions.

You are requiered to complete all 8 sessions in order but you can do them at your own pace and as your schedule allows. We currently offer Zoom-based sessions on Thursday mornings beginning at 8:30am.

Is there a cost?

There is no enrollment fee for supervisors within Administration and Finance.

Who can attend ThriveU?

ThriveU is designed for all supervisors and managers in the Division of Administration & Finance. All current and new supervisors are expected to complete this skill building and coaching program.

Who will be leading ThriveU sessions?

Katie Hershey Conlon holds a master's degree in applied positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in counseling and personnel services from the University of Maryland. On campus for nine years, she has taught classes on leadership and helped facilitate a number of organizational change efforts. She also has extensive experience in group facilitation, program assessment, and strategic planning.

Aynsley Toews worked in Administration & Finance for seven years before joining the Center for Leadership & Organizational Change. She has been developing leadership training and interactive adult learning for more than 20 years. She represented A&F on the Thriving Workplace Initiative committee and facilitates the A&F TWI Work Group. In that role, Aynsley became intimately aware of the need to provide practical solutions for the division’s supervisors.

In addition, ThriveU will certify volunteers who work in A&F to lead ThriveU sessions. These staff are being trained and mentored by Katie and Aynsley and, over time, will lead their own sessions. Our best training comes from hearing the stories and experiences of our colleagues. ThriveU will ultimately be led by you

How do we know if ThriveU is working?

As the old adage goes, it takes a lot of work to turn a ship and it doesn’t happen overnight.  Based on research and best-practices, we know that high-performance managers are strengths-based, engagement-focused and performance-driven. These will become our expectations going forward. Over time, we expect to see positive changes in the performance of our supervisors, through changes in the Gallup survey and through other indicators such as employee turnover, grievances and safety incidences.

How does it tie in with other training programs like LDI, Sharpen My Saw, Fearless Conversations and Clifton Strengths workshops?

ThriveU is designed for supervisors and managers to provide a foundation of skills and principles for success as a supervisor in the Division of Administration & Finance.  ThriveU is a priority for all supervisors in FY20 (July 2019-June 2020).  Supervisors should focus on completing ThriveU before enrolling in other programs.

LDI, Sharpen My Saw, Fearless Conversations, Clifton Strengths workshops and other professional development opportunities are supported and encouraged. Once you have completed ThriveU, these other programs will provide more skills and insights to help you become an even better leader.