ThriveU is a unique professional development program for all supervisors in Administration & Finance. This program taps into your existing knowledge and grows the skills and strategies needed to be a best-in-class supervisor.

Every supervisor, as well as many front-line staff, contributed to the development of ThriveU – it is a “by Maryland” and “for Maryland” program.  ThriveU provides practical, hands-on, workplace based resources to help you be an even more effective supervisor at the University of Maryland.

ThriveU principles:

  1. Lead with Strengths: We lead from our strengths and develop the strengths of those we manage. We value an environment of trust and openness.

  2. Communicate with Clarity: We engage in ongoing, regular, two-way feedback conversations, and appreciation and recognition are embedded in our work.

  3. Build Thriving Environments: Our actions model inclusion and our people know they matter. Mentoring and coaching empowers our teams to succeed.

ThriveU includes 8 sessions (2.5 hours each) that include a mixture of discussions, case studies and experiential activities.

General enrollment sessions are offered at no cost to Administration & Finance supervisors.  

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