Ethical and Responsible Conduct

The mission of the University of Maryland, College Park is to provide excellent teaching, research, and service. The University educates students and advances knowledge in areas of importance to the State, the nation, and the world. In pursuing this mission, and to ensure the continued excellence of the University and its reputation, all employees - administrators, faculty, and staff - need to understand and uphold the highest of ethical standards and legal requirements. Not only is this pursuit consistent with sound business practices, it is also a significant component within our system of shared governance.

The following UMD Principles of Ethical and Responsible Conduct articulate the basic expectations that should guide each of us in our work at the University. These Principles are embedded within many policies and practices identified throughout University handbooks, manuals, and websites and as described in collective bargaining agreements.

The 10 Principles

1. Respect for Others

2. Equal Opportunity

3. Avoidance of Conflict of Interest

4. Responsible Conduct in Research

5. Responsible Stewardship and Use of University Property, Technology, and Funds

6. Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability

7. Respect for Privacy and Confidentiality

8. Appropriate Conduct with Respect to Gifts, Travel, and Entertainment

9. Appropriate Use of the University's Name, Trademarks, and Logo

10. Responsible Reporting of Suspected Violations and University Response

To be clear, these Principles are not new and do not replace or create additional requirements. They are not intended to be a comprehensive catalogue of all applicable rules and policies of the University. However, we have endeavored to distill these policies, rules, and guidelines for easy review and access.

In all, these Principles set forth the underlying expectation that University activities are conducted with the highest standard of integrity and ethics. A complete list of policies may be found through the Office of the President.