The University of Maryland's M Circle will move to a new location.

May. 4, 2018

The University of Maryland’s M Circle is a treasured landmark on our campus, and a defining marker for students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors to campus. As we prepare for the Purple Line, which will offer the UMD community easy access to the surrounding region like never before, our beloved M will find a new home just across the street from where it currently stands.

The new landscaped M will still be in a place of prominence as visitors arrive and we welcome Terps home to campus. In its new location, the M will provide safer access for iconic photos, no longer requiring people to walk across a busy traffic circle to capture memories.

We understand how important M Circle is to the Terp community, and have ensured that our campus will never be without its treasured M. During the Purple Line construction process, the new landscaped M will be built before the old M is removed. The construction of the new M is anticipated to begin in fall 2018. To honor M Circle’s more than 40 years on campus, we will mark its “bon voyage” and distribute a celebratory item at a later date, marking this new chapter for our university.

Click here for a video showing conceptual views of the new landscaped M as you enter campus from Baltimore Avenue.

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