An ice cream social gives Facilities Management employees time to socialize and savor summer (and ice cream!).

Sep. 9, 2016

Every summer, Facilities Management hosts an annual Ice Cream Social. This event gives staff members an opportunity to socialize before the school year begins.

Coordinated by Nancy Yeroshefsky, Director of Human Resources for Facilities Management, the Ice Cream Social has been an FM mainstay for over 16 years. Yeroshefsky fondly recalls the Social as the “one time of year that I am sure to see smiles on so many faces all at one time.”

Michael Carmichael, Stormwater Management and Maintenance Inspector for FM, echoed this sentiment. He described the Ice Cream Social as “a nice event where we can meet and chat with various people within FM, some of whom are familiar, and some [who] are met for the first time - all while enjoying UMD-made ice cream!”

No matter the weather, employees love to come together and enjoy a delicious summer treat. If the weather is nice enough, they want to stay at the Social all day! It’s a highly anticipated event that will be around for years to come.