University Human Resources launched a new training program this fall for all UMD employees.

Nov. 22, 2016

EDI: Foundations of Excellence is a six-course program for University staff (non-supervisors) to help them improve their skills and advance their careers. This is the first program from UHR’s new initiative, titled Employee Development Initiatives (EDI). EDI is similar to LDI: Leadership Development Initiatives in that they both encourage growth and skill development in University employees. However, the EDI series will take a slightly different approach by removing the leadership-specific focus, opening up this opportunity to a wider audience.

Some of the benefits participants will experience include:
•    High-trust relationships with supervisors, coworkers, friends, and family
•    Ability to resolve conflicts and reduce stress
•    Better time management, planning and organization skills
•    Higher job satisfaction
•    A path for growth and development

EDI session topics include:
•    Creating an Engaged and Inclusive Work Environment
•    Effective Communication Skills
•    Conflict Resolution Skills
•    Extraordinary Customer Service
•    Maximizing Productivity
•    Exceed Expectations & Grow Your Career

All courses are held from 9:00am - 12:30pm and will be held at the University Golf Course. Each course costs $50, and all you need to register is a KFS number.

If you’re interested in participating in this initiative, register for upcoming dates at UHR looks forward to maximizing your strengths as a University of Maryland employee!

EDI Class