University Human Resources treated employees to a luncheon with a healthy twist.

Mar. 29, 2017

University Human Resources faced a dilemma: They had not organized a holiday office party during December, and now, after New Year’s, most employees were increasingly health-conscious and wary of what offerings might accompany such a party. To balance the need for employee bonding and relaxation with the desire to stay fit, UHR converted one of their staff meetings into a heart-healthy soup and salad bar!

Staff members were encouraged to bring their favorite salad topping or dressing, and UHR provided the lettuce and soup. By the time people lined up to eat, there were at least 30 toppings on the table, ranging from shrimp to roasted asparagus to walnuts. Employees feasted without guilt and enjoyed the customizability of the salad bar.

Party planners Teika Robinson and Molly Raulin put together a selfie-stick photo booth with heart-healthy props such as cookbooks, water bottles and a stethoscope. In addition to food and photos, several staff members participated in exciting "Minute to Win It" games. The lunch ended with a team photo of the employees in their red UHR shirts (pictured below).

Overall, it was a fun gathering that truly highlighted healthy eating and staff communication. Special thanks to LaDonna Hopkins, who was essential in buying materials, setting things up and rallying people to help clean up. 

Content and photos courtesy of Molly Raulin.