Over 80 nominations were submitted for the inaugural PROPs Awards (Peers Recognizing Other Peers).

Jun. 15, 2017

Over 80 nominations were submitted from across the Division for the inaugural PROPs Awards (Peers Recognizing Other Peers). Winners from each category were recognized at our annual Employee Appreciation Picnic on June 9th, 2017. 

Congratulations to all of the winners and nominees! You make our Division a great place to work, and your efforts are sincerely appreciated. Winners from each category are noted below in bold.

Extra Mile Award

Recognizes someone who goes above and beyond. 

Hank Adams FM - O&M
James Brotherton O&M ICA Facilities
Ben Clarke FM - D&C
Peter Coletta FM - O&M
Narmada Eriki Comptroller
Stephen Gray Business Services
Christine Hottel UHR
August Kenner Public Safety
Ileana Kure FM - O&M
Natalie Lutz Public Safety
William Mallari FM - FP
Mike Moshogianis FM - D&C
Andrew Muir ESSR
Cathy Oaks FM - OFA
Ana Orantes FM - B&LM
Paul Paschall FM - B&LM
Karen Petroff FM - B&LM
Jackie Richmond UHR
Jacqueline Richmond UHR
Paul Romero FM - D&C
Miriam Sharp ESSR
John Snyder FM - BL&M
Nolvia Sosa FM - B&LM
Abigail Stephens FM - FP
Michael Stumpo ESSR
Mahena Vides FM - O&M
Jose Zabala FM - B&LM
Amy Zimmer Procurement
Consider It Done Award

Recognizes someone who demonstrates excellence customer service.

Carol Baumann Business Services
Michael Bruce FM - B&LM
Wayne Del Pino FM - FP
Art Grande FM -O&M
Kathryn Harris Comptroller
Ivan Ivanov FM - O&M
Josh Jenkins Procurement
Ken Jester FM - O&M
Taylor Keen FM - FP
Chris Kerby FM - FA
Jeffrey McGlew Business Services 
Ken Nugent FM - O&M
Tom Parker Real Estate
LeShawn Perry FM - O&M
Bob Pils FM - BL&M
Dina Prudencio FM - B&LM
Vaughn Rich FM - B&LM
Ronnie Roerig FM - FP
David Skarloff FM - O&M
Roger Tregoe FM - B&LM
Mahena Vides FM - O&M
Safety Star Award

Recognizes someone who is committed to safety in the field and promotes a culture of safety within the organization. 

Thomas Abell FM - B&LM
Theresa Clay ESSR
Bright Beginning Award

Recognizes a recently hired employee (<1 year) who has made notable, positive contributions to the organization. 

Rachel Ackerman FM - FP
Ana Munoz Arguenta FM - AVP
Jeanne Hubbard Procurement
Marie G. Osafo FM - FP
Tyler Parsons Procurement
John Zachary Pittinger FM - B&LM
Molly Raulin UHR
Teika Robinson UHR
Meg Smolinski FM - B&LM
Team Impact Award

Recognizes a team or unit that goes above and beyond. 

Building Services - All Zones, FM
CCMS Work Center, FM
Construction Procurement
Engineering and Energy, FM
The Fire Marshal's Office, ESSR
GIS Staff, FM
Motor Transportation, Business Services
Office of Community Engagement
Pest Control Unit, FM
Procurement and Strategic Sourcing
Thriving Workplace Initiative Work Group
University Human Resources
Building Services - Zone Three, FM